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Whatever your skill level on guitar—TonyG will help elevate your playing and accelerate your progress.

Cinder Media Portfolio | Guitar With TonyG

With nearly two decades of experience on the guitar, TonyG has put in his dues—if you will. Tony has been part of a number of local bands in the Denver area—but in recent years has spent his time mentoring and teaching guitar to students all over the world.


Guitar With TonyG | Fundamentals of Guitar Bundle | Forged by Cinder

Fundamentals of Guitar

He’s recently debuted his highly acclaimed “Fundamentals of Guitar” series of ebooks, practice guides, and other free online guitar lessons to help students accelerate their learning and cultivate a love for the instrument.


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Tony’s new ecommerce and blogging site is built WordPress and WooCommerce. With the help of WPEngine, Tony has a secured, incredibly stable platform to grow his audience, sell courses, and share his passion with the world. There’s a ton of functionality packed into this site. Here are just a few of the pages and capabilities:

  • Blogging Platform
  • Ecommerce Store for eBook Sales
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Newsletter Integration
  • Leadpages Integration for Custom Landing Pages for Campaigns and eBooks
  • Conversion Optimizations & Campaign Tracking
  • Gear Used Page for Affiliate and External Links
  • & Much More…

We had the pleasure of helping with cover pages and graphics to help sell is highly acclaimed eBook series “Fundamentals of Guitar” as well as his 5-Day Guitar Starter Course, Practice Guides, and other resources.

Here’s a taste:

Visit Tony’s New Website & Get Expert Guitar Instruction. Elevate Your Playing with eBooks, Gear Recommendations, and Free Lessons!

Guitar With TonyG | Forged by Cinder

Give it a spin. We put a lot of work into this one including web design, graphic design, SEO, marketing automation and execution, a full-scale strategy. We think the work speaks for itself!


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