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A Beautiful and Functional Ecommerce Site to Spread the Joy of Thriving Indoor Gardens

Cinder Portfolio | Aerwal | Living Gardens

Aerwal Living Gardens | Indoor & Outdoor Living Wall Art | Web Design by Cinder

Founded by two landscape and interior designers in the Denver Area—Aerwal custom manufacturer’s hand-crafted aluminum and steel frames that house living indoor gardens. Using plants called Epiphytes—Aerwal adds backlighting with LED strips and produces a superior product that brings vibrance, color, and a breath of fresh air to any space—office or residential.

Simple, Hassle-Free Ecommerce on Shopify.

The guys at Aerwal are busy, like most small business owners. So they needed an easy-to-use and to maintain ecommerce site. Shopify allows them to sell their custom frames online—and all they have to do is manage the orders as they come in. That allows them to focus on their customer needs and build their business!

Aerwal | Living Gardens

Grow. Illuminate. Forge.

A simple and elegant Ecommerce website is empowering Aerwal to sell their frames at a very early stage. It’s simple and powerful selling features enables them to focus on their products and customers—while shipping products faster than they ever would have without it!

If you’re interested in an Aerwal frame—check out their site and register for an account. For a limited time they’re offering early-bird discounts to celebrate their grand opening!

Visit their website at:

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