Core Principles

Before we dive into the specific phases of our process, we think it’s critical to align our goals and ensure we agree on the high-level principles and how we approach each project. They are as follows:

01  |  Minimum Viable Product

We follow this methodology because it empowers us to outline a vision and strong foundation that produces results. Together, we’ll define the strategy and outline for your website that leverages your strengths and helps to scale your business. With that in place, we can focus on the details that produce results, drive rapid progress, and deliver beautiful solutions—both on time and under budget. That empowers you to focus on your customers, your business, execute your vision, and scale.

02  |  Measurement & Analytics

“If You Can’t Manage It. You Can’t Improve It.”
Every project we build includes the mechanisms and tools to track and measure success. Whether that’s website analytics, user heatmaps to understand behavior, or click-tracking to understand which funnels and calls-to-action are converting—measurement and analytics are built into the foundation of every website and project we deliver. Rest assured that every visit and user interaction to your site, landing page, or advertisement will contribute to your overall understanding of your audience’s intent—and ultimately to improve your site, funnel, or project.

03  |  Open Communication

Open and transparent communication is critical to rapid development, building a superior product, and our process as a whole. You should always be “in the know” regarding progress and next steps. We spend time up front during the planning phases to schedule check-ins and set milestones. Just let us know if anything changes along the way!

04  |  Quality. Period.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Getting a job done is one thing—but delivering a quality product backed by an effective strategy is what makes a lasting impression with your customers or audience. It also makes a product easy to use (as well as maintain), helps you overcome challenges—and ultimately—it helps you focus on executing so that your businesses can grow!

Our Results-Driven Process

Creativity is critical in every project—but so is having a repeatable and results-driven process. We make time for creative brainstorming where it counts and use this iterative process to effectively plan and strategize, stay on track, communicate effectively, and deliver best-in-class web and marketing solutions to our clients.

Phase 1  |  Discovery

To start, we’ll meet with you to learn as much as we can about your business or project. We want to understand and align with your goals, products/services, customers, challenges, and how you operate. Understanding your needs, goals, and strengths enables us to outline the best possible foundation for your website, marketing plan, or other needs. It empowers us to build solutions that match your needs and with a strategy that generates more traffic and leads while fitting into your workflow. We’ll also be better equipped to choose the specific technologies that are the best fit for your company—saving you time and energy while you focus on achieving your goals.

Our Process | Discovery
Our Process | Planning & Strategy

Phase 2  |  Planning & Strategy

Based on our discussions in the Discovery phase—we’ll perform some additional research on your market and competitors and begin outlining the framework, needs, and challenges for your specific project. This phase is critical because it lets us strategize and form a robust plan before we get into the other details (like word choice or aesthetics)—which can quickly soak up time and energy. During this phase, we’ll put together a project charter that covers the following:

  • Project Outline (Budget, Requirements, Processes)
  • Technology Approach & Framework
  • Project Schedule & Milestones
  • Planned Launch Date

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln

Phase 3  |  Wireframing

Wireframing takes complexity out of the equation. In this phase, we put together a low-fidelity mockup (i.e. the scaffolding) of the structure of your website or project. During this phase, we’ll outline the basic functionality and layout of each page or element within our plan (i.e. landing pages, services, etc.). This phase is critical to our lean process—enabling us to define, iterate, review, and make changes—without major time-consuming implications or budget-gobbling directional changes. 

Don’t worry, we’ll schedule a meeting to walk through the wireframes and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that every detail is to your liking.

Our Process | Wireframing
Our Process | Design & Development

Phase 4  |  Design & Development

Now that we’ve taken the time to effectively plan and wireframe—we have a solid foundation to build on, allowing us to rapidly develop and drive progress. This phase constitutes the majority of the “work”—building pages, developing features, and integrating third-party services. We’ll schedule weekly check-in meetings and cover a punchlist of tasks to ensure that you’re always kept in the know on the progress of your project. And if you have trusted us with other creative or marketing services (i.e. photography/videography)—we will schedule those in parallel so that we can be as efficient as possible.

Phase 5  |  Review & Walkthrough

Review sessions are a critical component in delivering the highest-quality websites with superior results. They enable us to make adjustments as we go while allowing us to stay in sync as major progress is made on your website or project. Depending on the size and scope of your site or project, we’ll schedule a number of in-depth review sessions to walk through all of the important details-and yes-they’re all important.

As we approach the finish line, we’ll discuss any remaining changes, outline a launch checklist specific to your project, and make final preparations as we get ready for an official “Go Live” date.

Our Process | Review & Walkthrough
Our Process | Final Preparations

Phase 6  |  Final Preparations

Before we’re ready to launch, we go back under the hood to fine-tune and optimize your project for tracking and performance. We’ll put together a pre-launch checklist and communicate the steps with you so that we can coordinate on marketing messaging, timing, and any other necessary planning steps. Once we’re ready, we’ll schedule a time to launch your site or project.

Phase 7  |  Project Launch

Ignition. We’ve run through our preparation checklists and have a “Go” for launch. With every requirement accounted for, we’ll launch your site and continue to monitor it for performance to ensure a successful takeoff. If any trouble arises-you can rest assured that we’ll be there to address it. Our commitment to excellence and the pride of personally carrying every project across the finish line-and beyond-is what our clients appreciate most about our work. And moreover, it’s the right thing to do.

Our Process | Project Launch
Our Process | Next Steps

Phase 8  |  Next Steps

Once we’re live—you’ll be ready for the next phase in your empire building journey—whether that’s content marketing, lead flows, search engine optimization (SEO), or building out your audience and sharing your passion with the world.

Your online presence is an important resource for your business. It helps you reach far more potential customers than you can hope to in person—and it works tirelessly for you 24/7. If you need additional training, resources, or assistance—we’re here to help you along the way. Congratulations! You made it!

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