Introducing Aerwal: Indoor Living Gardens!

Aerwal | Living Gardens

We’re proud to announce our latest project launch for the Denver-based indoor landscaping company, Aerwal!

Aerwal Ecommerce Store on Shopify | Cinder Media Web Design

Aerwal (pronounced “Air-Wall”) is a small startup business out of Lakewood, CO. Founded by two long-time landscape architects and machinists, the company builds high-quality aluminum and steel frames that house epiphytes, plants that require little water maintenance and no soil.

After custom manufacturing each frame—they offer optional LED backlighting to really make the frame stand out. Bring your space to life with an indoor garden and lighting. They offer small sizes for residential spaces and rooms—or much larger designs for corporate spaces and offices.

Learn more about the development of their Shopify site for a simple and seamless ecommerce experience in our portfolio.

Learn more about Aerwal and Indoor Gardens

Visit or check out their designs on Instagram.


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